360 OS of Qiku and its features

The 360 OS is an Android Based operating system, which came in market with collaboration between Coolpad and Qihoo. Qihoo has great experience in system security and power management.
These are the core features of this operating system, this operating system focuses more on security of the system and power management as these are the priority need of any person.
360 OS offers amazing feature of unistalling pre-installed apps. So overall, 360 OS is meant for its Security, performance and battery life that means less pointless apps, less resource consumption and less bloatware.

360 OS

Features of 360 OS


Icebox is a feature that lets you freeze unused apps, preventing them to consume system resources or traffic data. In case an app hasn’t been in use for 15 days, this feature will remind you to freeze the app to reduce the consumption. The time can be customised according to the need of the person, and app can be restored when in use.

 Free Uninstall

This uninstall eature is amazing in this OS, as User can freely uninstall the unwanted apps like Chrome, Youtube, etc, Except system apps like Dialer, Camera, etc.

Deep Clean

Disguised as system applications, some third party softwares can avoid primary system clearing. The 360 software thoroughly checks  and clears unwanted apps that are running in the background and consumes space and resources.   

Enhanced Performance

 This mode optimizes your device according to your usage. In case of running game, the other programs will be withdrawn from the background allowing you to have more available memory and power boost for that high demanding games. 


Third-party apps doesnot qualify the needs to remove thefts and threats from the phone. 360 OS comes with its own security system, the software is meant to protect user from malware only.
The user can 
  • Completely puts an end to unwanted apps
  • Can control traffic flow
  • Heat tracing  
  • Property safety box- that recognizes financial software
  •  Authority manager- Choose which app you need to give necessary permission.
  •  Auto run manager
  •  Protected applications
  • Privacy space- Protect your data by making it unavailable for those curious friends using your phone
  •  Payment security

 Enhances Battery Life

360 OS extends and enhances the battery life of your phone. Its Super power saving mode helps 3% of battery can be used for 10 hours. 360 OS optimizes the picture processings resulting in reduced power consumption.

Showdown Features

Qiku Cloud

Unlimited Space for user to use. upload as much data as user want to the cloud.

360 Free Talk

 360 OS offers User 100 minutes per month to talk to your loved ones, no matter what OS your Friends are using.


360 OS provide you access to 120 million WiFi hotspots free of charge for LIFE. Free traffic flow in 110 countries and regions.

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