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Root explorer app for android phone

Android phones are now used by many people, to manage all the files and other media stuff in your phone flexibly one can choose root explorer application, you can get access to this via android phones. Many are unaware about this application and this article is your guide mate for the root explorer application.

Root explorer application is so flexible that one can copy, cut, rename and even unzip the files on their smartphones itself without facing any trouble. This article will guide you about all the features of the root explorer application and will even guide about the features on the un rooted phones.

Following are the features of the root explorer application on an android phone.

  • One can zip and also unzip the files using the root explorer’s new pro version.
  • One can also get access to two file manager panels.
  • One can even move, copy and rename their files and media files of phone, even delete those files if wanted.
  • The user of this application can also execute script files.
  • Root explorer application can also illustrate files with their respective thumb nails for the images.
  • If a user wants to create or delete any folders then they can do it with root explorer.
  • One can also bookmark any folder.
  • If a user wants to sort and divide the list of the files according to their size and name and also date.
  • One can also find files and folders easily using the root explorer application.
  • A user can even change the files permission and also the ownership of the file if they want to by using the root explorer application.
  • This application also allows the user to open the multiple tabs on your phone the same way you use on your browser.
  • One can even have different themes and also materialistic themes using this root explorer application.


Following are the things one must have for downloading the root explorer application on your android phone.

  • An android phone.
  • One must have good internet connection on their Smartphone’s.
  • This application is now available on Google play store too!

What does the latest version of the root explorer application has?

  • The Package name: com.rootexplorer.apk and speed software is the developer of the application. – Download Root Explorer
  • File Size: 8.3 Mb only, so one can hold this application in their phone very easily.
  • The publish date of this application was on august 26th

The root explorer application is also available on Google Play store. This application grants a lot many features and it provides the attributes to the file and one can even compress the media files and it is a very useful application for a rooted device as well as non rooted device. The root explorer is a smart application and manages all of your phones files very wisely. It is rated 4.7 stars on the Google play store and the number of downloads are also incredible, mostly all the users are rating 5 stars to this application.

This application even enables the user to get access to the database files of SQL and even build prop and so one can download this application and get started with the premium and awesome features of this application, the new latest version has been already out there.

Although there are premium features of this application which came out in this year, this application is best for the rooted phones as it functions on the un rooted ones too, the features have some limitations.

  • This application allows you to get access to the files of music and photographs on your phone.
  • Root explorer can also zip your file if you want, so now you need not use your laptop to do so.
  • Root explorer enables the user to extract the zip or RAAR files just in case if you want to get access to the unzipped ones, so now you need not use any other applications for doing so.
  • Moving and copying the files.
  • One can even bookmark the files for Inter SD card and also external SD card.

Root explorer is the finest applications if you want to manage your files well and one can use these applications without any hesitations, it has unique features and if the smartphone is rooted then this is the best choice for you and one can even change your settings like mount or un mount. The rooted smartphone will have some extra features to use and following are those

  • The user can also pre install as well uninstall the bloatware which is packed with the smartphone.
  • The rooted android users get the awesome feature of read only and also the read write files using the root explorer application.
  • The user also can delete the systems files if you are using the root explorer application.
  • Getting access to the facility of moving and copying the multiple files in one go, isn’t it awesome? So you just do not waste any time and does all of this in just one go.
  • Edit the build prop on your root explorer application and allow the navigation bar on your android phone.

Even after this if you have any query regarding to this application of root explorer, then you can get comment below and ask us, we are here to solve all of your queries.

Root explorer application is the best application and it helps in the smooth functioning of the phone, so you can access to all the files without any abruption. Root explorer is the application next door for all the android users and it is so flexible that you can also use it on UN rooted phones, so you need not specially need rooted phones.

I hope all you queries are been solved in the article and you have got all the required information about the root explorer application.

Thank you.

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