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5 Ways to Increase or boost Alexa Ranking

Its too difficult to chase lower alexa ranking, as people dont know the actual logic behind the Alexa Software.

Some bloggers are talented to achieve good alexa ranking.

And some newbies don’t know the real fact behind the alexa.

So the questions arises about, How to improve alexa?

Is it possible to increase Alexa quickly?

Alot of Questions surrounds us when we start something new, and get to know about some new things and versions.

So lets discuss about how to boost your Alexa ranking in a perfect manner.

What Is Alexa Ranking?

According to Alexa,

Your Alexa Rank is an estimate of how popular your site is relative to all other sites.

Source – Alexa Blog

Alexa is Web information company, who ranks website globally and country wise according to the traffic and popularity of your blog/website.

How Alexa Works?

Alexa collect data on daily basis with the help of toolbar for ranking websites.
They compare the data of 2 websites and rank accordingly.

They give the best metric for comparing two sites.

Does SEO Affects Alexa Ranking?

Many suggests not to consider Alexa while doing SEO of website.

But yes Alexa gets affected by SEO. SEO of website is done to get perfect exposure of the website to a specific audience, so due to SEO traffic of the website improves and Alexa is dependent on traffic and popularity of website.

How to Improve Alexa Rank?

Many bloggers have this question how to improve their alexa ranking and boost it in fastest way, here are some methods through which you can improve your alexa ranking of website

1. Install Alexa Toolbar

Alexa Ranking

Alexa toolbar sends yours hits to Alexa servers to get your required website Alexa rank.

After Installing Alexa toolbar, when you visit your own site it’s also hit Alexa for providing your site data.

It’s dramatically increasing your website ranking if you below a 1 million like 30 lacs or 50 lacs

2. Install Alexa Widget

Installing Alexa toolbar is really helps to increasing your website ranking.

But, the main problem is,

All clicks or hits on your website not generated by you and unfortunately not every visitor install an Alexa toolbar and many visitors visit your website through phones.

Alexa is smart to track visit on your website but what if we help Alexa to track hits on our website?

For this situation, use Alexa widget on your site.

Alexa widget works like an Alexa toolbar installed in your website visitor and every hit make changes your website ranking quickly.


3. Write Content regularly.

I don’t write posts regularly but i tried this method on my own blog, it really works. Dead blog will never get traffic on daily basis so we cannot expect Alexa to update our rank on Regular basis.

So try to post blogs on daily basis, maybe 3-4 posts weekly basis and see how fast alexa improves.

4. Share your content on social media.

Spamming is another way of getting traffic on your website. Focus on specific groups and people and share your content in facebook groups and twitter channels or other places like Indiblogger, Reddit and other directories.

Spamming is different than sharing. Share and spam in a specific targeted group.

5. Write Unique Content.

Writing a unique content will help you to get more traffic on your website, as users always love to see new and unique things rather reading same and same things always.

Search Engines loves Unique and new content and they prioritized content based on their freshness and uniqueness.

Google provides first space to unique content, First space means priority to the website.

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