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Airtel and Jio? Which one to choose

Airtel India on Thursday announced the launch of two new bundled prepaid packs circle that make free voice calls across the country, along with data benefits. Airtel India Announced this soon after Reliance Jio extended its Welcome Offer providing free voice calls, data, text messages and other services free by another 3 months, calling it the Jio Happy New Year Offer.

Although there is alot of difference Between Airtel plan and Reliance Jio Plan.

Reliance Jio is offering free data unlimited data and unlimited voice calls all over India and on every network, where as Airtel is offering unlimited voice call in both bundle pack but only to their network while costly plan gives unlimited calls to both the networks.

Reliance Jio has announced a new daily FUP limit of 1GB, which if exhausted will result in slower speeds. While they are just providing 1GB total data to user for 28 Days if apply for Rs 345/- pack.

Jio is taking over the market fastly as a result every telecom company is trying to capture their market again, while the packs they are announcing are not worth as of Jio sim.

There are alot of difference between services provided by Jio and Airtel, the service provided by Jio is amazing from past 3 months, Airtel announced many packs which in actual costs alot to the customers in real while the announcements made were different.

Difference Between Reliance Jio and Airtel Plans

Benefits per Month Airtel MRP 149 Airtel MRP 349 Jio MRP 149 Jio Happy New Year Offer
To own network Yes Yes Yes Yes
To other networks No Yes Yes Yes
To own network Yes Yes Yes Yes
To other networks No No Yes Yes
To own network No No Yes Yes
To other networks No No Yes Yes
BROADBAND (4G) 300 MB 1 GB 300 MB + 700 MB 30 GB
SMS No No Yes Yes
APPS No No All – Rs 1,250 All – Rs 1,250

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