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Application that Helps you to Find ATM With Cash: Money View App

“Demonetization” – the word has shaken the nation. Overnight, the country went from being a cash-rich economy to a severely cash limited state. 500 and 1000 currency notes were devalued by the government and sent the Indian population helter-skelter to exchange their in-hand cash for lower denomination currency or the new 2000 rupee notes. While the move is hailed by many as an effective way to battle the black money system, there is no doubt that it has left most of the middle and lower economic segments of India in a lurch. ATM machines are not very useful as they run out of cash regularly.
If you are one of those troubled by economic woes, it is the right time to go digital.

I personally suffered a lot standing in long queues for a long time and even after standing for so long sometimes I was unable to get cash from any ATM machine. There are many applications in the market now a days which tell you which ATMs have money get updated by the users itself.

Although I am a tech savvy person, my maximum transactions used to be through online transactions. But when it comes to my daily needs, I do need some cash in hand to buy vegetables and other shopping from small vendors. It was getting difficult for me to buy small things for my home as old currency was demonetized and no one had change.

Long queues are a headache for everyone, and I was facing the same. Many days I went to different ATMs but it was in vain as things were chaotic. My daily lifestyle was getting affected with no cash in hand.

ATMAlso queuing regularly to withdraw money for a working person was very tough especially with the hectic lifestyles that we lead. But I needed to withdraw money from my bank account for my needs. It was getting tougher by the day.

Luckily, I found this useful application, Money View App, which has a feature about finding ATMs with cash near me. This was updated by the users of ATM themselves.

I am personally using Money View Application for daily usage to check which ATM is dispensing cash, in what denomination and what kind of queues do they have.

Money View Application made this feature possible by crowd-sourcing data from a user base of more than 5 million spread across 200 cities in India. Hence, making it one of the most comprehensive ATM tracking solutions available out there in the market.

It’s an easy to use application and a very helpful application in these days of Demonetization.

You can use this App on daily basis to Find ATM with cash without any tension and also update it so that other users can benefit from your feedback.



This application is ” By the people, for the people, from the people”.

The App is easy to use. You just have to download the App from Playstore, allow it to use your location and Use Find ATM with Cash feature to search nearest possible ATM with cash.

You can also help others by updating the latest information about ATM by using feedback button in application.

The best feature I found on this app is that it also tells you which Big Baazar, Inox or multiplex is dispensing cash.

I hope you’ll help people by updating the data on app just like I always update whenever I use the ATM. Let’s help each other to make withdrawing cash simpler and better.

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