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Co-Founder – Abhishek Arora

I Abhishek Arora, Founder And CEO of this Firm Technovative World from New Delhi. Currently Pursuing Btech from MD university.  Blogging is my passion as I can share my views about new gadgets to other buyers and other gadget geeks like me.

I Consider Blogging as a way to explore new things, new gadgets, new innovations, new

Abhishek Arora
Co-Founder TW

technology, just a way to get updated throughout the latest stuffs around the world. Blogger shares their experience to the world which makes it easier for the visitors to experience stuff without buying it and comes up with an easy conclusion whether to buy it or not.

Hey Visitors feel free to share your views through your comments, It will help us to create a visitor friendly stuff. A perfect way, a Perfect knowledge will lead us towards the success.

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Mobile no. +918221031149

Email i.d: ab1104cg12@gmail.com

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Website: Technovative World , GrabTheFab